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About us

DANCAR is a professional rent-a-car agency that aims exclusively to comfort and satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, our entire vehicle fleet is based solely on brand new cars by reliable Japanese manufacturer Toyota. Whether you're a fan of small city car, luxury sedan or mean machine - in our fleet you'll find a four-wheeler right to your own heart and that meets all your needs.

Our experienced and friendly staff is at your service regarding all the questions and concerns, as well as advices regarding your destination, domestic terrain or a road trip.
In addition to comfortable and reliable car, in our offer we have a world-class motorcycles and all kinds of bicycles for nature lovers and those who want to get to know first handed all the beauties of Montenegro. A large number of bike paths and numerous hidden beaches easiest to get to by a scooter – simply allure you to choose a two-wheeler for this kind of summer adventures.

Whatever vehicle you choose, be sure of one thing - you will arrive comfortably, easily and according to your plan to the desired point, with the support of our staff at all times.

Because we know how beautiful Montenegro is - we want you to enjoy all that it has to offer in a nonchalant and carefree manner!

Have a nice trip!